Maxuino digital output not working

    Nov 24 2012 | 4:33 pm
    I've loaded an Arduino Mega 2560 with StandardFirmata and am using Maxuino to control it. Am simply testing out a LED in pin 13, and I've set the pin mode to Digital out using The RX light is blinking so the Arduino is receiving some sort of data, but the pin doesn't seem to be responding. Annoyingly, I actually managed to get this working a few days ago, with Maxuino controlling an LED in pin 13, but I was playing around with a lot of things, and may have initialised something I wasn't aware of. Are there any other things I can test/initialise if I think Maxuino isn't successfully controlling the pin? I've followed this tutorial and I know I've installed all the right libraries, as it was working the other day!