maxuino help

    Oct 14 2013 | 3:13 am
    Hello folks, I'm just getting going with m4l and trying to implement the Maxuino patch for use with sensor-based controllers I've built. I've been using a Pure Data patch (pduino) thus far but want to move to max. I have it all installed and communication and functionality with some test sensors but I can't figure out how to send data from each input pin to a separate midi channel and thus control a separate midi instrument in Live. At this point all input pins trigger all channels. Would I have to go in and modify the maxuino patch itself to accomplish this or is there an easier way. If anyone out there is pd and max/m4l/maxuino savvy I could post the modified pduino patch I've been using to show what I would like to accomplish with m4l maxuino. Thanks in advance. There is so little documentation out there regarding Maxuino use. td