maxuino windows7 64bit constant error

    May 14 2012 | 8:12 pm
    hi, I am trying to use maxuino-009 on my windows7 64bit machine and after installing it exactly as it should be done (I put it into max externals folder and added a path to that folder) but despite OSC-route been initialized successfully, I get an error each time
    patcher file maxuino-gui.json missing patcher! newobj: maxuino-gui: No such object
    patcher itsefl is placed in the maxuino support folder and after copying it to the max-externals folder I got an error that I have multiple files in my search path so apparently max can see it but cannot load it.
    the exact same troubles were met on another windows7 64-bit machine. anybody with the same problem? any ideas? please help.