maxurl, XMLHttpRequest and support for persistent EventSource/SSE connections?

    Jul 08 2016 | 2:13 pm
    Will maxurl or JS/XMLHttpRequest ever support persistent EventSource/SSE (Server-Side Events) connections and have the ability to respond to onmessage events pushed from the server?
    Doing this will really open up opportunities for 3rd-party web APIs to 'push' new messages to Max directly.
    Anyone with thoughts on this? Or perhaps there's some external out there that already addresses this?
    (I've been investigating maxurl and the current JS XMLHttpRequest implementation. So far, it doesn't seem possible. maxurl connects to the API without issue, but because of the persistent nature of the connection, there is never any readystagechange event, so the call never seems to 'complete' as the server sends keepalive newlines and never terminates, and maxurl/js XMLHttpRequest never reports the new data)

    • May 23 2020 | 9:29 pm
      Did any information come up about this subject in the past few years? I've been looking for a similar functionality and I can't get it working with maxurl.