Mbox input

    Jun 02 2009 | 10:29 pm
    I am having trouble using the my mbox (1) as an input source. In my dsp options it says that i have a core audio built in driver with an input devuce option as the mbox but it doesnt input anything yet i still get output. When i select the driver called core audio digidesign HW (mbox) i get input (according to the audiotester) but i get no output.
    I fiddled with this for some time and cant get it to work though i know i have done it in the past.
    the core audio driver for the mbox was installed with my protools le 7.4.2 and i am running mac os 10.5.7
    Please help!!!

    • Jun 07 2009 | 6:04 am
      I have the same system & versions and it usually works OK. I have not a great time with this device on other apps via coreaudio, though (thanks Digi). In DSP Status, Driver should be "CoreAudio Digidesign HW" and Input Device should say the same (not built-in, I'm not sure how that would work). Any luck?