mc.vst~ "Guitar Rig 5" optimizing the load time

    Nov 15 2018 | 4:11 pm
    Hi all, I am playing around with mc.vst~ and GuitarRig 5 (I’m using the iceverb in a 16 ch track). I know that 16 vst~ can be heavy, but I’m only using 1 effect so it shouldn’t be too bad. The problem is that I believe that the entire GuitarRig rack (all effects) are being loaded and it take circa 6m25sec for may patch to load.
    I have 3 questions.
    1st one is more about Guitar Rig than Max.
    1.a) Does anybody know of a way for vst~ to load exclusively the iceverb effect. Shouldn’t it be that way when you save the rack with a single effect.
    b) Everytime I open the the vst~ to view the GuitarRig UI, I see the unit load all the guitar rig effects.
    I’ve worked with guitarRig in Max before and do not get this. maybe the 1st time it’s loaded the patch but not everytime. I thought it was a mc. thing but it is not. When I saved the patch and then reopen the vst~ it imports a bunch of files every single time. I looked in the GR preferences and no go.
    2. MC question: Is there a way that the 1st mc.vst~ is the master. i.e. I load the 1st instance with iceverb and all of them are loaded automatically. I tried with setvalue 0 plug “Guitar Rig 5” presetname but it didn’t work. but once they are loaded manually and saved , it does work to control the params with setvalue 0 5 $1 <- where 5 is the param number.
    3. Last question, does anybody have a nice iceverb vst~ to suggest as an alternative option.
    Thanks a lot for your help