mdeGranular~ object in m4l?

    Nov 08 2010 | 6:55 pm
    Hi folks, just trying to add a subroutine to shift buffer playback from a groove~ object to a mdeGranular~ object so i can have a bit more control over the sample grains. However, the damned thing is crashing out everytime i load it into a patch in m4l. Seems to load into a basic max patch fine, but crashes out a m4l audio effect. Anyone got this working? Or know of a granular sample playback object that does work in m4l?

    • Nov 09 2010 | 7:40 am
      i always had the impression the mdeGranular was quite easy to crash. nevertheless it works here for me in Max for Live. although the patch was really quite simple.
    • Nov 09 2010 | 9:41 am
      the john gibson granular object works perfectly in m4l. osx only though
    • Nov 09 2010 | 11:01 am
      I found that in the initial setup of mdeGranular I had to delay a series of messages in the order of 100ms per message or it would crash, and you might have to pay attention to the order in which messages are sent.
      Once that was done it all seemed to work fine for me.
    • Nov 09 2010 | 6:14 pm
      hmm, the object is crashing max as soon as i drop it into a m4l patch, don't even have the time to send it messages. I'll give the gibson object a go, thanks...