MEAPsoft 1.1.1 -- final v1 release!

    Feb 07 2007 | 6:55 pm
    Hey max/msp-ers:
    There was a bit of recent discussion here about our MEAP feature-extraction software, and the gang has just released the latest version. Jeff Snyder also has some max/msp patches that read in the feature files and allow you to use the output in max/msp. Write to me off-list if you're interested and I'll send you his e-mail (or just look it up on our web page).
    ---------- Forwarded message ---------- Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2007 10:35:06 -0500 From: douglas irving repetto To: Subject: [MEAPsoft-announce] MEAPsoft 1.1.1 -- final v1 release!
    The MEAPsoft team is happy to announce the v1.1.1 release of our Java-based open source MEAPsoft software for segmenting and rearranging audio recordings. v1.1.1 includes a number of bug fixes, a new ShoobyComposer, and the exciting new Visualizer, which draws lots of colorful lines on your screen and also helps you investigate the sometimes mystifying results of MEAPsoft processes. Get it at:
    We also have a new MEAPsoft-announce mailing list, which will be used only for announcements like this one. If you'd like to know when we release a new version of MEAPsoft, please join the list:
    v1.1.1 will be the last release in the v1 series. v2, with a completely new interface and much more intuitive tweakability, is coming soon.
    Best, The MEAPsoft Team
    -- MEAPsoft: Computers Doing Strange Things with Audio