Memory Leak in Javascript Apply()?

    Dec 08 2012 | 4:12 pm
    I'm working with the TUIO Max object ( for use with a touch screen. I've been having problems with it slowing down and I think I've traced it to the javascript apply() function. In a test patcher I'm randomly generating touch coordinates (eliminating the TUIO object) and sending them to the apply() function to find what's under the coordinates. I'm seeing the memory usage climb steadily in the Activity monitor when I'm running it and calling apply().
    Or is there something in my code that's causing this? I've tried tweaking things to no avail. I'm getting desperate because I've switched to apply() since getlogical() crashes Max consistently.
    Max 6.0.8 OS 10.7.5
    Thanks, Andrew
    Attached are required javascript scripts.