Menu schortcuts assignable?

    Apr 24 2008 | 3:15 am
    Can we assign other menu shortcuts, somehow?
    Especially the zoom function is not very handy on a German keyboard. Zooming in is cmd= which is obviously done for US or English keyboards. On a German keyboard we have either to hold additionally the shift key down and hit 0 in the top row, or use the = key on the number block which is quite out of the way.

    • Apr 24 2008 | 3:53 am
      There's a file, called maxinterface.json, which defines the menus. If you're careful you can change the Max interface pretty thoroughly.
      It's fairly easy to suss out what's going on. It's pretty easy to add key commands.
      I suggest that you back up the stock maxinterface.json before you start editing it (which on the Mac, lives here: /Applications/Max5/Cycling '74/interfaces/maxinterface.json
    • Apr 24 2008 | 4:14 am
      Merci, that was easy.