metro timing poblems

    Jun 12 2006 | 1:24 pm
    Apologies if this problem is already know...
    I already worked with pluggo (version 3.5.2) building plugin with an hard use of internal timing to make process control
    now I'm trying to change that plugin and I find that it don't work any more with the Pluggo last version (3.5.4).
    To make some tests I try to build a simple plugin with metro and qmetro objects and it seem to have the same kind of problem:
    with a metro time of 500 ms is evident that the metro object has timing problems in pluggo.
    Some one has experience with this problem too?
    Thank you for your help
    P.S. I do tests in mac an windows platform with max 3.5.7 and pluggo 3.5.4 with Protools 7 and Nuendo 3.

    • Jun 17 2006 | 10:19 am
      use plugphasor~
      u get betr timing accuracy with MSP.
      and u can have the option of syncing to the host sequencer...