metro w/ print locks up Max window, new bug in 6?

    Mar 22 2013 | 7:45 pm
    WindowsXP or Windows7, Live 9, Max 6.1.1
    Create a new Max MIDI Effect on an empty MIDI track in a new Live 9 session.
    Paste in the following:
    I'm uploading a picture of the patch, but since this forum has zero editing/preview capabilities (not to mention email subscription/notification...), I have no idea if or where that picture will show up in this post.
    Bang the foobar message & watch the print output. All good.
    Start the metro and watch the print output. Again, good.
    Bang the foobar message a few times, and see the nice foobars interspersed w/ the metro output. Still good.
    Stop the metro. The print output for the metro stops. Still good.
    Bang the foobar message. Bang it some more. Really bang it. Heeehhh????? Where's my foobar?
    Turn the metro back on while watching the Max output window. Woah, a little constipated are we?
    OK, now for the real fun. Unlock the patch & delete the metro & all it's connected objects, but leave the foobar stuff..
    Lock the patch & bang the foobar a few times. Whaaahht???
    Go to the Max output window, clear it & enable debugging.
    Again, while watching the Max output window, go back and bang the foobar ONCE. Yeeehaaaah.
    I'm thinking this should not be... I'm knowing it doesn't do it in Max 6 standalone or Live
    Anyone have any thoughts on this?