MGraphisc patttern.set_extend

    Apr 18 2012 | 7:02 pm
    I have a question regarding mgraphics, it is concerning the pattern.set_extend command.
    I thought, setting the extend to "none" would not extend the image. In other words the image used for the creation of the pattern would only be used once in case the object to be filled (for example a rectangle) is bigger than the image (used for the creation of the pattern.
    Below is an example which is a modification of the patch "ImageRotate" from the series "November Patch a day".
    I have increased the size of the rectangle to 3 times the size of the image. I was hoping to see the image only once but instead I get to see it 3 x 3 times. How can I stop the surface extending (repeating) the image?
    p1 = pattern_create_for_surface(image); p1.set_extend("none"); set_source(p1); rectangle(0, 0, 3*width, 3*height); fill();
    Thanks Tim

    • Apr 27 2012 | 7:48 am
      I have attached a little patch to illustrate what my problem is. Maybe anybody can help me find out why I do not see any change when I change the setting for pattern extend? Thanks Tim