midi controller communication problem

    Feb 21 2013 | 10:07 pm
    I'm trying to use a Kenton Killamix Mini with Max.
    Max recognizes the controller, I can select it as input device, but no ouptut comes from ctlin or midiparse.
    The tweak I found is to use a midi monitor (Midi-OX), which correctly handles the controller, then send the monitor's output to a virtual midi port (LoopBe1) then send the virtual port's output to Max, then I get the midi information in Max.
    But... I find it quite stupid to use two other softwares to be able to use midi in Max.
    Unfortunately I have no other midi controller to try if they work.
    I updated my Killamix firmware, but it doesn't work better than with the older firmware.
    Anybody had this case? any idea to solve it?