MIDI Controller Toggle Button - noob

    Jan 30 2012 | 10:30 pm
    Hi All.
    After, humbly, spending a day writing this seemingly very simple patch:
    A) I am crushed to discover that I really don't know as much math as I thought I did
    B) I know even less about the physics of musical expression
    C) I know even less about programming
    D) I am convinced that there is a more elegant way to create a bank of toggle switches.
    I started by creating a rect~ object with a biquad~ filter object for a simple "wobble" bass patch. I thought it would be cool to control a line object to create a tempo synced ramp of the filter with the pushbuttons on an Oxygen 25 MIDI controller. Here is where I got bogged down.
    Not being very familiar with the practice of coding this is what I came up with, take a look if you like:
    Any suggestions are greatly apprecited.
    BTW... I've posted the finished patch with all six pushbutton controllers connected if anyone actually would find it useful.