MIDI effect plugin for Ableton Live

    Apr 20 2006 | 3:07 am
    Hi Guys
    How's it goin?
    I am new to pluggo.
    I have been looking into it for about two weeks now. I have gone through the 10 tutorials and the pluggo section of the MSP reference manual.
    For some reason I am unable to find the way to do what I am looking for.
    Here it goes.
    I would like to create a MIDI processing plugin for Ableton Live's Operator instrument. I want to be able to insert this plugin in front of Operator in the chain of MIDI plugins. I would like this plugin to send MIDI CC to Operators control dials and back. In essence I want to duplicate all the operators controls in my plugin and do some weird things in the way they are manipulated.
    My problem is, I can't find a way to tell plugconfig to make the plugin come in as a pure MIDI effect. Ableton Live's native MIDI effects work that way.
    If I use: #C synth;
    It comes in as an instrument plugin and I can not insert an operator on the same track.
    If I don't use: #C synth;
    It comes in as an audio plugin.
    I have been looking but I am not aware of any other options for the plugconfig.
    Can anyone steer me in the right direction please?

    • Apr 20 2006 | 4:25 am
      Hey There M-Man
      Live's MIDI VST implementation is interesting.
      You need to put your MIDI processing plug on an audio channel - so make it an effect. Then on the MIDI (Operator) track, select the audio channel the effect is on as the MIDI source.
      Live does not provide for a way to use MIDI vst plugs in the same way as its own MIDI processing plugs. You will notice this also with all the Toby Bear stuff.