Midi Effects Bundle

    Oct 25 2013 | 10:40 pm
    Hi. this is the prerelease of the PolyJam Midi Tools that i will upload for review on the site,
    very excited about this!!! please check it out, would love to get some input from you awesome people :)
    info: PolyJam midi tools is a midi effects bundle consisting of 3 midi note generators and 1 native note scaling device that are designed for live performances and new way of composition. keeping a flexible and smart way of being always in scale.
    PolyArp - A unique and very flexible Arpeggiator.
    PolyStep - A one of a kind fully mappable step sequencer with lots of tricks.
    MonoStep - A simple 1 note generator.
    PolyJam Live Scaler - A native scale device that works remotely for all the PolyJam Tools, just put one instance of this in the live project, and all the midi tools will obey your scale, that you can feed live into the Live Scaler.