midi events from midi track into a effect device

    Apr 18 2013 | 9:43 pm
    I am trying to get midi events from a MIDI track into any device (I currently work on a audio effect device but want to do it into an instrument device aswell).
    I saw some older posts about doing it using external libraries (I don't want external dependencies) or wait for live 9. Well I've got live 9, there is any easy option to do that?
    my current option is to transform the MIDI note into a signal, send it thru plugsend~ and convert it back..

    • Apr 21 2013 | 10:52 pm
      i have been working on the same problem for some time,there definitely is a 3rd party object for mac os,but not for windows. plugsend~ as well as live.remote~ will introduce around 30 milliseconds of latency,which is too much if you want to actually play your FX.
      what i ve been doing in the end is to write a midi-device that sends the incoming midi-data via the udpsend object. on the "other side" ,it will be received by an udpreceive-object. it works quite well,you have constantly varying latencies form 1 to around 10 msec, but thats still playable. if youre interested,i ll post it.