midi in pluggos possible?

    Apr 19 2006 | 11:45 pm
    hello folks. i'm interested in creating some pluggo plugins that take in midi info, and was wondering if that is, or will ever be, possible. i know pluggos can easily deal with audio in and out, but i'd like to create a simple midi filter, similar to the ones available in ableton live. i want to be able to filter out notes that are double hit too quickly, to adjust the length of time the notes are held, and to adjust the amount of time between notes, among other things. i know it is possible to do this within a max/msp patch, but...
    best future, john

    • Apr 20 2006 | 2:19 pm
      bine~, when posting this kind of replies, maybe you could offer a reference to the proper page as well? MaxMSP is a complex language and the documentation quite extensive. Maybe we should adopt some of the friendly attitude towards new users from the Csound list? On that list the following is posted twice a month:
      This is a periodic reminder. The Csound list welcomes posts from people with ALL levels of skill, from the newest newbie to the most serious hacker. The subject and tenor of the posts vary dramatically depending on what the current questions are. Newbies are sometimes afraid to post because they read discussions about the incomprehensible deep inner workings, and all they want to know is how to get a sound to come out of their iBook. Rest assured that your question will be answered quickly, and (usually) in a helpful and courteous manner. We've all been there. Please post.
      John, check out PluggoDev35pdfin the Ploggo folder, in particular the introduction and tutorial 8 and 9.
      Best, Trond
    • Apr 20 2006 | 2:46 pm
      i agree we need to be nice with newbies, since we've been newbies too. but this is not the Csound list, the volume of messages on the max list is crazy. the average on the csound list is about 5 messages a day, so yeah they need to encourage people to post.. max is so well documented that we should never see a post asking about a toggle or the select object because it is really the basic logic behind max and proves that the person has not even tried to find an answer on his own.. newbies usually don't piss me off, laziness does.
    • Apr 20 2006 | 3:22 pm
      That's OK. If you want a coffee break, here's a recommendation for some good music to go along with it:
      Piece, Trond
    • Apr 20 2006 | 6:33 pm
      > bine~, when posting this kind of replies, maybe you could offer a > reference to the proper page as well? MaxMSP is a complex language > and the documentation quite extensive.
      sorry to add one on top: the MAXMSP documents definetly do not explain the guy how his VST or AU host program works, no matter how often he reads them.
      even if you tell them "look into plugmidiin.help" that is not a helpful reply and will only cause new posts to the list of subject "why does plug-midiin not work in LAP".
      i could start giving a good example now by simply answering his question but i am not in a mood tonight.
      -110 @ yet another useless post.
    • Apr 22 2006 | 11:35 pm
      well, i'm not a noobie, but no offense taken.
      just to let people know that at one point, not too long ago, it wasn't possible to pass midi in pluggos (especially within ableton live) without a workaround.
    • Apr 23 2006 | 3:10 am
      yeah i vaguely remeber something about runtime threading issues with either midi in or out in live 4 which could be solved by putting a [delay 0] in front of it in _live 4.x.
      well, the answer to your question remains "it depends on the host". last week there was a post in the pluggo forum about something with midi which also do not work in SX without a workaround.
      _logic does not support [plugmidi ..]; but in OS 9 / windows LAP you could use midiin instead of plugmidiin.
      no idea about LAP 7 with AU pluggo but my guess is it is not supportet. what you could do in LAP 7 AU though is using a few [pp] s of range 0 127 and leave the rest to LAP. :)
      from what i remember the _live thing was fixed and [plugmidin] and [plugmidiout] work in VST pluggo in _live now.
      i am not a noobie either, but i am currently building my first standalone ever from a recent live performance patch. hell i _am a noobie! i am not even able to close the program without a midi-warning on next launch!