MIDI issues when I "build collective/application". Yamaha DX7 velocity converter

    Sep 12 2013 | 5:56 am
    I'm relativity new to MAX so please excuse any ignorance to the platform on my part. I have been trying to create a standalone application for OSX from the patch linked below. The purpose of this patch/application is to convert my original Yamaha DX7 midi velocity from 1-100 to 0-127 and then back from the sequencer 0-127 back to 1-100.
    I have the patch working perfectly when I am running it inside max but once it is compiled into a standalone application via the "build collective/application", the MIDI sends "from Max" or "from DX7E!" are not available in my sequencer(protools 9). In my "standalone object" I do have midi support checked.
    I aim to make this utility freely available as a standalone application once I have completed it.
    In order to emulate the problem i think you will need to build an application with the "build collective/application" under the file menu. Is there something else I must do in order to achieve the same midi hooks that full max has that max runtime may not have the permission to do? Or is there something more fundamental that I'm missing?
    Any insight on the potential fixes or general patch critiques would be greatly appreciated.

    • Sep 12 2013 | 10:08 pm
      Thanks Nicolas,
      I have edited my post to post to the general max forum.
    • Sep 13 2013 | 6:42 pm
      For some reason Protools automatically recognizes and selects Max as an active MIDI interface. With a standalone created max application in Protools you apparently must select "Setup > MIDI > Input Devices". I will have to test this with other sequencers. Im not sure what is needed to remedy this. At least this is a working solution!