MIDI keyboard to Qwerty keyboard

    Feb 01 2014 | 2:20 pm
    Hi guys,
    I have an Oxygen 49 keyboard. I use it for Logic a lot, but that means I've got to make room every time, which means taking the qwerty off the table.
    Is there a way I can 'type' like on a qwerty keyboard through my Oxygen? In other words, I would like a certain MIDI note to perform a certain function, like C1=Esc, C#1=Enter, C2=a and so on.
    How do I send these messages through max into the rest of the computer so I can for example play a melody in Logic, then quickly switch MIDI scenes on the Oxygen, and be able to type the equivalent of "appl+shift+S", and type in the desired name.
    Many thanks guys :)