midi movement detector

    Sep 01 2006 | 6:45 pm

    • Sep 01 2006 | 7:39 pm
      I have used tap.tools motion object together with the midiformat object successfully on several occasions to generate midi from movement. Check http://www.electrotap.com/taptoolsmax/ for info on tap.tools
    • Sep 01 2006 | 8:41 pm
      If you don't want to spend much on sensors, interface, etc, instead of sending MIDI maybe you can use a contact mic on the floor. It will pick up the footsteps of people, or you can use three and triangulate the position of footsteps.
    • Sep 01 2006 | 8:57 pm
      On 1 Sep 2006, at 19:45, Mathieu Marcoux wrote:
      > > My question is: > 1) Do you know a good product to change analogical signal to midi or a > MIDI movement detector?
      There are several products around - I have been very pleased with the Teleo system - www.makingthings.com - doesn't use MIDI - connects via USB - has Max objects to handle interfacing.
      > 2) Did any of you have experiment such installation or interactivity > between mov. detector and MAX? > Yes - lots of times.
      The key thing is what kind of sensor will do what you want. I have used burglar alarm type PIRs successfully - if you get good ones there is quite a lot of adjustment on range and beam width. If you want to cover a small area try mounting them in the ceiling above each picture. Alternatively I have used pressure pads - how about one in front of each picture just where you expect someone to stand. There are also ultrasonic and infrared sensors around. A lot depends on what area of sensitivity you need.
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      Hi there,
      A year ago I built an soundinstallation called the KosmiX ( http://www.dannydegraan.nl/ and click on installations ) with some friends of mine with 64 light sensors. They were mounted in the floor so that kids could stap on them so they could play sounds. We used MAXMSP for the processing and 4 eobody's from eowave http://www.eowave.com/ for the sensoring. They have a real simple sensor-to-midi translator with a whole bunch of different sensors ready to be plugged in. They are relativaly cheap and you don't need to solder anything.
      Hope this helps.