Midi out, problemassigning midi channels

    May 01 2009 | 9:12 pm
    Hello, I am writing a patch to control two pieces of hardware that receive midi.. the idea is that i set one piece of hardware to listen to midi channel 1 and the other to listen to midi channel 2...
    Im using the seq object to play back two midi files, one made for each piece of hardware, so i have two files, here i called them test1.mid and test2.mid. the seq reference says "The seq object reads and writes single track (format 0) standard MIDI files." i took this to mean i cannot encode midi data that will send on more than one channel... no worries i thought, ill just have two seq objects and read two type 0 files in my patch, send each one out of a different port.
    I dont think im doing it right, i want to send test1.mid on MIDI channel 1 and test2.mid on MIDI channel 2, but currently when i am testing with my hardware, telling it to listen to certain channels, there only seems to be anything being sent on channel 1.
    Im making the MIDI tracks in cubase 4, am i right in thinking it doesnt matter what channel the cubase track is set to, as this will be disregarded on mixdown? I can get the midi channel stuff working in cubase, after setting the traCK output settings up, but it doesnt seem to work in max! if anyone can see anything im doing wrong, id be very grateful for some guidance.
    here's the part of my patch that i think isnt working..
    is using the arguments the right way to do it here?

    • May 02 2009 | 11:38 am
      MIDI files of format 0 may contain data assigned to different channels. All data are just merged on a single track, in contrast to format 1.
      So I don't think you need two separate seq objects.
    • May 02 2009 | 2:39 pm
      Hmm, right. I dont totally get whats happening with seq, but I do have it working how I wanted it now. Thanks for the reply :)