MIDI seq object, a few questions about its timing and syncing it

    Dec 20 2008 | 9:52 pm
    hi, i have built a patch that aims to play 2 different files of audio (click track and samples) that are the same length and also plays a midi file that corresponds with the audio tracks.
    this is for a band, so there are multiple songs, and each song has a click track, backing track and its own midi file (the midi controls guitar fx changes using CC messages to a pod).
    i seem to be having some problem with the seq section on the right though, it doesnt always stay in sync with the audio, though i exported the same range from cubase (4) as the audio i exported. is this maybe something to do with a tempo based problem, or can anyone suggest why the midi is sometimes off time? it doesnt always get out of sync... which makes me think then, maybe it is a processor based problem.
    does anybody know any way to 'lock' the midi file to the audio playback, so that it will be in time with it (both files are the same length, the midi file is type 0 and contains only cc messages). is there a better way to make the midi section? the audio bit is working nicely right now.. heres what ive made:
    thanks guys!

    • Dec 21 2008 | 9:22 pm
      You may already have done this, but be sure your Scheduler in Overdrive and Scheduler in Audio Interrupt are checked in the DSP Status window. If this is confusing, look them up in the documentation, since they are essential components of non-drifting synchronization in Max. I have a patch with audio locked to video, and without these they definitely drift, but with them checked, the click~ which corresponds to the 120 bpm of the audio is rock-solid for hours.
    • Dec 22 2008 | 5:23 pm
      Thanks for the advice, i have the overdrive settings you suggested on already, which is slightly confusing because i thought it must be off when i first noticed the problem (but it was on).
      Getting a bit annoyed with this! Does the midi playback speed differ with transport tempo? The way i understood it was that it reads time differences between events.. though in other sequencers it uses tempo relative timings.. Could that throw things off a bit if the midi file was made in cubase with a different transport tempo than the one max usually has?