Midi Sequencing using COLL with Java Script

    Jan 08 2018 | 10:29 pm
    Dear all,
    I programmed a live looping audio looper and are about to extend it to also record midi. I will use the seq object which is the standard sequencer object to record and play midi data which works fine. So now I want to quantize the midi sequence. Unfortunately seq is unable to quantize the recorded midi data so I came to the following solution:
    I would like to use Java Script to do the following:
    The seq object has a message that is able to dump a coll file which contains all recorded midi data. The coll object has messages to read, change and write back coll data.
    So what I need is a short quick start from you java script experts which shows me how to do this. I have a lot of gen experience and wrote many lines of gen code but unfortunately no experience in Java Script nor do I have a reference where I can look up this for max7.
    I would appreciate if you could point me to an example where Java Script was used to trigger messages from objects. My understanding is that it is possible to access and trigger every object and its messages via java script.
    This seems quiet basic but I haven´t found a sound explanation for this basic exercise up to now.
    If someone has already done the quantization of data within coll I would be also very happy to have an java script example which I could utilize :-)

    • Jan 08 2018 | 10:39 pm
      Hi, have you read all the JS tutorials?