MIDI setup problems for WindowsXP

    Jan 23 2006 | 12:51 am
    Working with my pc, I am able to use Max to trigger my DLS midi synths, however Max does not respond to notein information. I have three internal soundcard synths (microsoft midi mapper, soundMAX wavetable, microsoft GS wavetable), all of which will play when triggered by MAX. But MAX does not respond to any of them. (I'm trying to trigger them by playing midi files / sending noteout information with max).
    The MIDI setup on the pc is different from the examples in the manual: it lacks an "Input device" list altogether (there is nothing on the left side of the setup window where input should be). In the "Output device" column, there is no listing of "from max/msp". There is only one listing for "microsoft synthesizer", and 16 for "Soundmax wavetable", presumably one for each channel. Also, the "system setup" "auto setup" and "revert" buttons are absent.
    Why is there no input device list in the PC version's MIDI setup, and how can I get Max to respond to incoming midi data without it?
    Thanks for any help, Carly