Midi Signal only when Track is switched to solo


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    OPA gerd
    May 24 2023 | 8:04 pm
    Good evening from Germany. I have a problem: for my gig as a keyboard player I make setlists in Ableton Live. The structure is as follows: Each song is a track containing 2 sub-tracks. These sub-tracks are addressed via midi by 2 different keeyboards. On stage, I turn on the songtrack with the solo button. However, the midi data is sent on all tracks, which leads to a high CPU load. With 12 songs I have about 33 tracks. Is there a way to control the whole thing via midi effect from max for live? I'm thinking of programming that only allows the playback of midi data if the higher-level songtrack is set to solo. I've already asked chat GPT, but I can't figure out the solution, which is probably also due to my lack of knowledge. It's supposed to work with "live.path" and "Observer" objects. But don't get it. Does anyone know about this and can help me? Best regards

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      OPA gerd
      May 25 2023 | 6:11 pm
      No ideas? Thought it wouldn’t be so difficult…
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      Source Audio
      May 26 2023 | 7:12 am
      I am not Live user, so maybe also not the right one to answer, but one thing I think you missed - putting a track into solo state only mutes it's output to outer world. To external midi device for example, or another track in Live. But not to any device inserted in that track, like sampler for example. It even does not disable midi input in non soloed track, if input monitor is enabled. So I guess you need a diferent strategy, which I can't suggest, not knowing more about your live setup and song structure.
      You can issue solo state of individual or all tracks depending on what fits better for you setup and use that info to gate midi flow where needed. you need track id -> live.observer / property solo