MIDI to Analog~ ??

    Jan 27 2006 | 9:26 pm
    Is there an easy way to create the MIDI notes, then "grab" that analog output (before it goes out) and utilize it as an audio signal that can be tweaked within Max? I know how to use the mtof just fine, but what I would like to do is be able to run the actual sounds generated by MIDI through an audio modulation patch that I wrote. I would like to hear what something like the god-awful general MIDI saxophone would sound like with some low-frequency oscillators and some filters applied to it. Not to mention hearing what some other (cooler ones) sound like as well....

    • Jan 27 2006 | 11:15 pm
      Windows? OSX? On OSX, you could try to use soundflower (download on cycling74's website), set soundflower as osx' sound output, use soundflower as MAx' dsp's input.
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    • Jan 27 2006 | 11:57 pm
      thanks for the reply, but I'm on Windows... :( lol
      no ideas about that? it would be really cool. maybe there's other software that could be running in the background that could do it. would probably be better to keep it all within Max though, not to mess with ReWire and whatever....
      hmm, will keep looking around.
    • Jan 28 2006 | 7:58 am
      achhh... Pretty mess. If you use Midi to trigger an instrument (vsti, your own max/msp piano,...), the answer is yes. But if you use GM sounds, they are synthesized and broadcasted through the main audio driver, usually on channels 1 & 2. On windows, you can choose this in config panel / sound options. Then, you can use a an external connection (cables) to get your Midi sound back to Max. But it sounds impossible with my setup to do this internally...
    • Jan 28 2006 | 9:43 pm
      I was afraid of that. Not to mention that if you were to "grab" the output and send it back in, there would probably be some kind of a feedback dealie going on. However, I might use an external synth and split the sound--one comes in as MIDI, the other as ADC in. I'll try that, should be no problem.
      I do wonder if it's possible with the GM, but it may be lower-level than Max can access. Hard to believe I'm the first person who wants to do this?? ;) (Probably not...)
      Thanks for the reply!
    • Jan 30 2006 | 1:56 pm
    • Feb 02 2006 | 11:23 pm
      FWIW, RME's HDSP cards can do internal loopback. I imagine others, perhaps even in a lesser price range, might do this as well. Other solutions on winxp include a couple of non-free audio routing pseudodrivers and ...maybe?... portaudio, a free framework. I think osx gives you Soundflower and Jack and ...maybe?... portaudio.