midimbrola with max/msp

    Jul 18 2006 | 7:54 am
    hi, i'm new to the list, so forgive me if i'm asking about a subject
    that's been covered before.
    i'm trying to use the 'midiMBROLA~' external patche to synthesise
    speech and have created a patch which works, after a fashion at least.
    my question concerns the text file which is loaded into midiMBROLA~ to
    map notes to phonemes in an mbrola database - does anyone know the
    format of it? or know of any resources on the web?

    • Jul 18 2006 | 9:11 am
      how about: http://tcts.fpms.ac.be/synthesis/mbrola.html
      the format is a bit tricky though, since it depends on the different
      language files.
      good luck
      hans w. koch
      im krahnenhof 11
      d-50668 koeln
    • Jul 18 2006 | 10:57 am
      yeah, i had a look there asready, unfortunately the midimbrola page is
      still under construction.
      i stumbled upon another mailing list a few weeks ago, that had lots of
      info on mbrola and max, but lost the link when my firefox profile got
      hosed - does anyone know about any other max/msp lists/forums where i
      could look?