Midiout-like external

    Feb 15 2006 | 10:44 am
    Hi list ! I'm working on an external that detects JazzMutant Lemurs on the local network. So far everything is good, except I would like to have it work like the midiout external in Max : one could double-click on it, and select an output to which the incoming messages would be sent (in my case, a list of IPs or lemur names would be displayed). Is that at all possible or do I need access to some private API ?
    Thanks in advance for your answers.
    -- Axel Balley JazzMutant www.jazzmutant.com

    • Feb 15 2006 | 12:31 pm
      The API for editing windows is documented in the SDK.
      Anything beyond that (like the funky lists pattr displays or popup menus) is likely to make use of the API from the host OS. This is always an option.
      Polling IP addresses available on a LAN is almost certainly something where you'll have to deal with the host API. Or use Java. For Lemur names I would venture that you'll have to program this yourself.
      Good luck, Peter
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