MidiTron & MidiTron Wireless on sale through June 30

    May 26 2009 | 2:28 pm
    Now is the time to create that sensor or robotics project you've been thinking about. MidiTron and MidiTron Wireless Real World to MIDI Interfaces are on sale, now through June 30th. See below and http://miditron.com for details.
    -Eric Singer
    *** About MidiTron ***
    Now through June 30: only $99 ($50 off)!
    MidiTron is a MIDI to real-world interface designed to simplify the process of creating sensor and robotics based electronic art projects. It is easily user configurable and provides 20 terminals of digital and analog inputs and outputs in any combination.
    MidiTron data is bi-directional; that is, sensor inputs are converted to MIDI output messages, and MIDI input messages are converted to terminal output voltages.
    MidiTron Features
    * Small (2.5" x 3" x 1.5"): can be embedded in your project * Powered from a 9v battery * Economical * Menu-driven program provided for easy configuration of inputs and outputs (Mac OS9/Mac OSX/Windows XP) * Stores configuration in flash memory: can run stand-alone, without computer * MIDI input and output: no special drivers required * Up to 20 digital inputs/digital outputs/analog (PWM) outputs * Up to 10 analog (ADC) inputs * Input devices: switches, pots, sensors (bend, pressure, photo, magnetic, touch, temperature, accelleration, etc.) and more * Outputs: LEDs, motors, relays, solenoids and more * High-resolution mode (10 bits) for analog inputs * Use for music controllers, VJ controllers, MIDI instruments, dance triggers, interactive installations, driving LEDs, motors, solenoids, relays and other robotic devices, and more...
    *** About MidiTron Wireless ***
    Now through June 30: only $395 ($100 off)!
    MidiTron Wireless is a wireless sensor-to-MIDI interface. It consists of a compact sensor interface/transmitter unit and a corresponding receiver/output unit which interfaces via USB or MIDI. It provides 20 inputs in any combination of up to 10 analog inputs and 20 digital inputs.
    Sensor inputs are converted and sent wirelessly from the MidiTron Wireless transmitter unit to its receiver unit, which outputs MIDI messages. It is designed to be a small, flexible, robust, long-range solution for creating wireless sensor controllers for real-time use in performance, installations and other scenarios.
    MidiTron Wireless Features
    * Small transmitter (2 5/8" x 1 1/2" x 1 1/2"); encloses internal antenna and 9v battery * Can be worn on body * 1000 foot range under ideal conditions; several hundred foot range possible even with obstructions * Uses 900 MHz frequency band for less interference than the increasingly crowded 2.4 GHz band * Uses highly reliable RF chip set proven in live performance situations * Eight selectable channels allow eight units to be used simultaneously or channel switching if interference is encountered * Continuous re-transmit of sensor values virtually eliminates drop-out or lost data * Very low latency transmit (maximum 7 ms with all sensors enabled) * Very low latency USB and MIDI output (actual latency system dependent) * Normal (7-bit) and high (10-bit) resolution analog modes available * Easily configured with menu-driven programming patch * No network configuration required as with Bluetooth or WiFi * Standard MIDI and USB-MIDI input/output ports * With USB, appears on computer as a standard MIDI device with no special drivers required * Once configured, can be used as a standalone MIDI device without a computer * Several interchangeable styles of connector boards allow flexibility in making sensor connections * Three-pin style connector board allows direct interfacing of popular sensors available from other manufacturers

    • Mar 18 2013 | 10:57 am
      Hello! Eric, I have purchased a MidiTron wireless about 3 years ago, but never used. Now I want try to use with some sensors, how to getting start? can I download some demo patches, programs. I am musician, weak background in EE. thanks!!
      Shing-kwei Mac 10.6 Max/MSP 5