MinGW 5-13.exe for builing some objects on windows

    Apr 25 2008 | 3:24 pm
    Good Evening
    Due to addict MaxMsp I installed MinGW 5-13.exe unless I take care not create folder in the Programs files, brief as it was quite messy I am I uninstall and I re-creating a File Mingw is not a worry and not be. At the moment I have no photoshop sketshup or Maya or vlc ,all my software and it remains for me that MinGW! Also in my control panel addition Remove Programs I see that it remains my photoshop Maya etc and MinGW 5000m0 whereas in my case files programs it no longer adobe more drivers ATI more ,VLc and it remains files MinGW and records a large bazaar. In short how completely without deleting all my programs? Max Msp cost a lot, I didn't want to delete it.
    Thanks for advice