minor mistake in the reference for jit.gl.text3d

    Aug 06 2011 | 10:51 am
    Trying to do things with jit.gl.text3d in Max 5.1.7, I notice two minor issues in the maxhelp patch and the Reference document:
    1) In the "Classic OpenGL Commands" sub-patcher, the fourth input of the color (RGBA) attribute (alpha/transparency) is not functional. The solution: adding a "blend_enable $1" message fixes this -- when blend_enable is activated, the alpha value is working.
    2) In the Reference document - also in the online version: https://cycling74.com/docs/max5/refpages/jit-ref/jit.gl.text3d.html - it says that the message "font - fontname [symbol] size [int]" "Specifies the font and size in which to draw." That seems to be a mistake, the "size" attribute has no effect. According to other threads on this forum, the recommended way to change the font size is by using the "scale" attribute.