minor problems with record~

    Oct 10 2006 | 10:24 pm
    I'm using record~ to record the output of a 4096 point fft generated with fft~. I'm putting record~ in loop mode so that each spectrum will overwrite the previous one.
    I'm experiencing two minor problems:
    - I can't set the the proper loop start and end point in record~ before audio has been on once. (the reason why I want to do this before is that I want to make sure that frequency bin 0 corresponds to sample 0 in the buffer). In order to make it work correctly I have to switch audio on and off once, then give it the proper loop points and then switch the audio back on.
    - I have to give record~ a loop endpoint that corresponds to 4098(!) samples in order to make it overwrite the same 4096 frequency bins that are coming out of fft~.
    maxmsp version 4.6.2