mira crashes if fpic in patcher has image over 200 Kb

    Mar 15 2014 | 4:48 am
    I'm using Mira on a super old 1st gen iPad, v. 1.1.6 with Max 6.1.6. The only problem I have is that if a patcher containing a mira.frame also contains an fpic object (even if the fpic object is not actually in the mira frame) and I load into that fpic object a jpg that is 200 Kb or larger, Mira crashes.
    If I load images of 100Kb or less this doesn't happen.
    If the fpic is in another patcher, not the one with the mira.frame, it doesn't happen.
    Any ideas? If needed I can send files but I'm curious if there is some limit here that I'm not aware of or if anyone can reproduce the problem? Thanks so much!
    michael dessen