Mira web Limit Number of Users

    Jun 06 2021 | 2:10 pm
    The Miraweb tool has been working extremely well in the development for an installation and runs no problem with a single user connected. However when 2+ users connect the whole max patch crashes eventually, and seems to be related to a data throughput issue (so the patch doesn't crash if the users just log on and do nothing interactive).
    I've optimized as much as possible the amount of data in and out of the Mira.frame, but and easy solution would be to limit how many users can connect on the server side. Is this possible with Xebra without too much revision of the backend? Something like hiding the connect button if there is already an active user connected to Mira.frame?
    Currently I can use Mira.status to count from within max how many users are currently on, but that is only post connection. Any leads would be appreciated!