Miraweb 1.2.5 Released

    Dec 12 2018 | 11:46 pm
    We've released a small update to the Miraweb Package, as well as published updates to Xebra.js and Xebra-Communicator on NPM.
    For a more detailed overview of involved bugfixes and enhancements please refer to the change log below or visit the GitHub repository (https://github.com/Cycling74/miraweb)
    You can find Miraweb 1.2.5 in the Max Package Manager.
    Enjoy! Ben
    Fixed Issues:
    • live.tab: respects text color attributes
    • number: no longer produces unnecessary NaN
    • Pixi.js: removed custom PixiJS dependency
    • Max 8 compatibility: live.dial, message, umenu, meter~
    • number: respects min/max
    • live.tab: only output when tab selection changes
    • umenu: single item is displayed