Miraweb not seeing all mira.frames FIXED

    Jan 19 2018 | 11:16 am
    Just installed miraweb 1.2.4 Updated to Max 7.3.4
    Running on a Macbook pro late 2011
    After installing miraweb from package manager, I pushed launch and the miraweb_launch patcher opens. I then pres the vrious buttons, opening the browser (Safari) on my mac. I then press "connect" on the browser window that pops up. After connecting, it says "No mira.frame objects in Max" If I then press the "help mira.frame" message box in the miraweb_lunch patcher, the mira.frame labeled "basic" appears in the browser and works just fine. But no other mira.frame works.
    I've tried copying this particular mira.frame, both with cmd-c and manually, creating it from scratch and emulating the settings and that doesnt work...
    any ideas?
    When I look at the settings of the mira browser, it says the app version is 1.2.3 although it is 1.2.4 I have installed.

    • Jan 19 2018 | 12:28 pm
      Ok... seems like I had some additional mira.frame objects in my searchpath. I disabled those and it works.
      thx anyway :)