Missing "out" object peculiar problem

    Feb 01 2006 | 8:24 pm
    I have just noticed that I cannot create any new "out" objects -- the MAX window says "error: out: No such object." The "out" object appears in the "New Object" list that pops up when creating a new object, and I can right-click/help the "out" and the help file is displayed explaining how to use the thing. "in" works fine as well as "in~" and "out~" -- and I have just recently discovered that "*Out" does work, but only when capitalized*. I do not know whether this makes the error more or less strange, but at least I have a work-around.
    I am running MaxMSP 4.5.6 on WinXP SP2. I have installed the fiddle~, bonk~, ejies, tl.objects, MaxToolbox, and FFTease externals.
    This is not a dire situation since I do have the "Out" work-around, but if anyone has any ideas about why this error is occurring I would love some feedback.
    Michael B.

    • Feb 01 2006 | 8:30 pm
      After all that... using the "out" with the capital "O" ("Out") made the "out" with the lower-case "o" work fine. I am confused about what the heck the computer was thinking, but glad it has decided to work.
      I am sorry for bothering you all with this.
      Thanks anyways,
      Michael B.