Mobile Pre

    May 07 2011 | 12:26 am
    Does anyone know how to get the M audio Mobile Pre to work with max? I want it so that I can use pro tools but I can't use it with max. It allows input but no output. I am using Mac OS X 10.6.7. I went into the audio/midi setup program but cannot get this thing going. Any help would be, well, helpful.
    Thanks! Paul

    • May 07 2011 | 1:02 am
      be sure you have both "use this device for input" and "output" selected in Audio/MIDI setup?
      I just used this same device for a project without problems, well, without too many :) we were trying to use a Firewire 410 at the same time, so we made an "aggregate device", and it kind of worked, but sometimes selecting different drivers and input/output would crash Max. Couldn't track it down. On its own it worked fine.
      Not sure whether you need (or even can) select output in the Max DSP window, I think that's overridden by the Audio/MIDI setup.
    • May 07 2011 | 9:40 pm
      Thanks! Weirdly enough it wasn't working and then I rebooted and presto. Not happy with the gimped Pro Tools SE. I guess I should upgrade to M-Powered. I miss Pro Tools free.