Model Object Morphing: Question on normaled openGL coordinates

    Mar 28 2006 | 3:15 am
    Hi. apparently the email I sent to the list 5 hours ago got eaten - i'll try posting to the forum - apologies if this is a repeat:
    Attached is a simple patch that morphs between models using to display the geometry.
    Also attached, are 2 very simple objects, one Cube, and one Cube with 2 vertices moved, used to test morphing.
    While it works, what is odd is that it seems as though jitter is choosing to normalize the largest points in the two models the same points ie: - rather than morphing the 2 verts 'out', it decides to morph the body of the cube in. Opening the .obj file format clearly shows the 2 modified vertices as being further out from the origin in cube 2.obj than in cube 1.obj, and the body (the other verts), staying in the same position. Jitter does the opposite, morphing the body 'in' towards the origin, rather than taking the 2 verts and morphing them further away (as the obj was made this way in Wings 3D)
    Anyone have any clues where this behavior is coming from? Changing the order of which model hits the xfade first doesnt seem to make a difference. Im wondering where in the chain the coordinate system is being changed.
    Please note (if it matters), I am running Max 4.5.6 on mac OS X 10.4.5 ona 1.67 G4 powerbook.

    • Mar 28 2006 | 3:18 am
      Apologies for the dupe: I received an error from the server and posted again. I swear to fucking god this forum is out to kill me.