modulating geometry in jitter

    Jan 20 2006 | 7:01 pm
    hello all, i'm completely new to jitter so any help is greatly apreciated.
    I'm trying to build a 3d object whose geometry is dictated by data being fed to it. wich jit object (if any) can allow mw to do this?

    • Jan 20 2006 | 7:27 pm
      The quick answer is "most any of them."
      Read the "Geometry Under the Hood" chapter of the tutorials, and anything else you find you need to read in order to understand it. If you are new to Jitter, this will probably be all of the tutorials. has come along since the first tutorials were written, and should offer improved performance, not to mention patchability, over sending your geometry direct to
    • Jan 22 2006 | 11:51 pm
      I'm on it
      see you
    • Sep 13 2006 | 1:22 pm
      hi, what features are more patchable in the most recent version of jitter than isn't stated in the tutorials. I picked up jitter more or less from working from the tutes so any advice regarding OPENGL manipulation would be helpful thanks.
    • Sep 13 2006 | 3:23 pm