Modulation Mode: "Absolute", clip modulation dissapears...

    Aug 26 2013 | 10:06 pm
    weird problem
    i've got some parameters in a max4live device set their "Modulation Mode" parameter to "Absolute" then, when i create some clip modulation envelopes (clip modulation, NOT clip automation), the envelopes are gone after saving and reopening the ableton set.
    when i set the parameters of the max4live device to any of the other "Modulation Mode" settings, the clip modulation remains after saving and reopening the ableton set.
    anybody knows whats going on here? got the same issues?!?
    im running Ableton 9 Suite 64bit Max 6.1.2 Macbook Pro, OSX 10.8.4

    • Aug 27 2013 | 1:48 am
      I have the similar issues, noone is taking any notice.
      Try creating a gate, to stop the live objects initialising themselves when reopening the set, this should allow the objects to keep their settings, without the initialisation interfering.
      Like this:
      I cant believe noone is answering these things. With m4l theyre kind of fundamental to the whole thing working. Honestly, it takes like 4 times as long to jump through the hoops of initialisation and automation, as it does just creating a decent patch.
      Its woeful and needs sorting imho.
      Even after youve fixed these problems, check my suggestions in this post, because you will have problems making sure automation isnt disabled.
    • Aug 27 2013 | 3:04 am
      I'm not able to reproduce this problem.
      Mac 10.8 L9.05 Max 6.13 x64
      Please send a small live set and device into support so we can see what you are seeing.
    • Aug 27 2013 | 9:04 am
      will do