monomeemu and Monomodular no longer working in Windows7

    Mar 01 2013 | 9:46 pm
    Hello. I have been using these patches in XP with a launchpad with no problems. When I installed them on my Windows 7 machine I get Javascript errors. I am using live 8.3 and Max 5.1.9. I usually figure these things out on my own but I am stumped! I have double checked my installs on both patches, I have double, triple checked all of my zeroconfig files. My Max path's are correct. I have re installed bonjour. reinstalled my launchpad drivers. Everything is in it's right place but no dice.. I have spent over a week trying to figure this out. Any help would be a god send!!
    Monomodular b993 errors:
    Error 127 external loading jsliveapi Sourceline: switchboard.goto('control_surfaces' i); several jpatchline errors.
    Monomeemu09.6a5 errors:
    Js.jsgetlaunchpad.js Javascript RevrenceError: LiveApi is not defined line 8
    Considering the similarities I think it might be a permissions Issue. Though Live, Max, and Bonjour are all running with "run as administrator" checked.
    Also if I am not mistaken both of these patches run on a client/server type principal. Maybe something is happening there?
    Thanks again for any help!