Mors Thue Synthesizer and Fibonnaci note generator.

    Apr 30 2014 | 11:35 am
    I am presently working some on getting two projects to work, the basics of the ideas are the following:
    Using the Mors Thue sequence, dividing up the code into pairs triplets and so forth, that will correspond to notes. E.g. a 01 would be a C, a 101 would be 2 and hence be a D and so on. Then to place this into a sequencer.
    The other one is to take the Fibonacci numbers, make a generator of it, and have the sequence select MIDI notes.
    I have looked around for any useful patches, and besides a few Fibonacci generators with no musical components, I have come up rather blank. Any adive as to how to pull either off, or useful/similar patches would be appreciated!