motion detection - tracking multiple objects

    Apr 06 2006 | 1:39 pm
    i am trying to build an engine (automated - for a video installation) that tracks and follows multiple persons (camera in topview). I am using the cv.jit bundle by Jean-Marc Pelletier, which is a great help, but i am getting stuck somewhere in logics. I manage to isolate the moving persons from the background and have them as white blobs in a single plane matrix (either through background subtraction or optical flow). Through labeling (cv.jit.label) the different blobs i should manage to identify the different blobs (either from top-left to bottom-right or in size depending on the mode) but here it goes not as i hoped .. the blobs (moving persons) are changing place or each blob changes in size, so they constantly change place in order.
    Anybody an idea on how to solve this?!
    thanks hendrik