motion detection

    Jun 16 2006 | 9:48 pm
    Hello all.. I am doing an installation which requires some sort of a motion detection/tracking. A speaker is installed in the middle of the room.. I would like a camera or something to detect the porximity of the people around the speaker.. and as the viwer comes closer to the speaker the audio to get louder. If two or more people are in the space.. I want it to give preference to the person closest to the speaker.. I am very new to maxmsp.. If there is any one who might be interested in taking such a project please let me know.. we will be able to pay something for the project..

    • Jun 18 2006 | 7:20 am
      cool, you can pay me : )
      you could also do it yourself. it's pretty easy, if there is no natural light in the room. take a look at cv.jit objetcs at and softvns.
      if you want me to do it for you, contact me off list...