mouse hover problem

    Sep 13 2010 | 7:06 pm
    o.k., nearly there, and can i say thanks to everyone whos helped so far, this is a wicked forum!
    so i have got all my swatches sorted out and the presets stored properly so i can get different color schemes for the filtergraph. However even though i have stored preset 8 (see attached patch) as white, when i hover the mouse over the filtergraph the curve turns black!
    How can i get this to stop happeneing (ie mouse over doesnt effect color schemes?)

    • Sep 13 2010 | 7:41 pm
      Not sure what the message is, but you can change the selection colour in the inspector, that should do it i think. Try using 'selection' as the message, sorry cant try it out at the moment.
    • Sep 13 2010 | 8:38 pm
      Apologies, after having a closer look this does not solve your problem.