mouseup detection in jit.pwindow

    May 30 2008 | 3:54 pm
    I need to detect a mouseup in a jit.pwindow when I rotate a (it could be any gl thing really). I'm unsure should I be doing this at the jit.pwindow, or jit.pwindow has mouse movement detection while active and idle but I can't see any means of checking clicks. I was hoping there might be an output mode (as there is for a waveform) which I might be able to use but can't find anything like that.
    If you need to see code, just open the help patch, I'm essentially working on the same thing.
    Thanks in advance.
    a+ gar

    • May 31 2008 | 2:14 pm
      The mouse information from a pwindow includes when the mouse button is released. The first number after the x/y coordinates shows the mouse button state, so checking from a 1 to 0 transition shows when the mouse goes up.
      Here's a patch:
    • May 31 2008 | 4:49 pm
      Yes found it, thanks for your help (although I don't have max 5 so unsure how to read the file). This is what I did which I guess is similar?
      a+ gar