Move up and down in a list of messages? Controlling Ableton from Max

    Feb 23 2012 | 1:37 pm
    I need some help with configurating 3 buttons/numbers/keys, so that I can move up and down in a list of messages, as well as launch the selected/highlighted message.
    Here's what I want to do. When I perform, I need to move freely between a bunch of songs/locators that are placed on a track inside Ableton Live (I can't use Live's Session view, as I need Live to play the video files that are placed in the Arrangement view). To move between these locators, I want to use a foot pedal that have eight buttons, sending the numbers 1-8. Preferably 1 button to move to the next locator, one button to move backwards to the locator I just left, and one button to launch the highlighted locator.
    And here's my solution. I'm using the Midipress application (thanks Zealousy! - to send midi in to Max from Midipress. I'm using buttons 1-3, sending from Midipress in to Max, on IAC Bus 3. In Max, I've built this interface that makes the initial value decrease when I press button 1 (1 on my footpedal/numeric keyboard), and increase when I press button 2. This value is sent to a [coll], that moves up and down a list of midi messages. Finally, I use my button 3 to launch the midi message through IAC bus 1 to Live. Which makes Live move to the desired locator. There's another [coll] also, sending names for each of the midi messages to the Max window (that I keep in my lower left corner of the screen, so that I can see it when Live is in focus), so that I can keep track of which midi message I'm about to launch.
    There's probably some better objects for this patch. This is my first attempt to write anything in Max, and I would be really grateful for any input.
    Is there a better way of sending this list that tells me what the midi messages are launching? Now I'm printing it to the Max window. The ideal solution would be to send it to my iPhone, so that I have a small, mobile display that shows me exactly the info that I need.

    • Feb 23 2012 | 3:07 pm
      If your patch does what you want, you should already be proud of your work! Anyway, here are a couple of changes I made.
      To display messages to an iPhone, I use touchOSC and send datas using the OSC protocol and udpsend.
    • Feb 23 2012 | 3:39 pm
      Thanks Patrick,
      Nice to get rid of the messy gate object. I'll check the OSC protocol and udpsend!
      / nils